About Us

As a small black business our CEO strives to offer top quality beauty products to help customers feel confident, vibrant, and securely beautiful. Our brand offers everything you need to seal your look from the skin so soft smell goods, smoothly light lipgloss, jewelry, press on nails, nail services, and nail products to boost your nail brand to higher levels and quality.

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    AkkiaRae Cosmetics X Skincare is an all natural skincare line handcrafted with melanin in mind. Our main focus is to help our customers regain confidence in their skin by aiding in fighting common skin conditions such as acne, dark spots/acne scar, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, burns, scars, psoriasis, eczema, darkened areas (bikini line, underarms, knees, inner thighs, etc.), aging, and more. All products are formulated with all natural and cruelty-free ingredients whipped to protect, moisturize, replenish, and nourish all skin types including sensitive skin, all genders, ages, and ethnicities.